The Early Spring Garden

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Sunday, April 5th
12:00 – 3:00 pm


Topics Covered

Spring bed prep methods
Tools and equipment
Indoor/Outdoor planting schedules
Spring garden methods: cold hardy crops, crop protection, season extension
Continued maintenance of seedlings for May plantings.

Workshop Description

In this months workshop we will focus on the early spring garden schedule and all it entails. Beginning with spring bed prep, and finishing with seedling maintenance, participants will learn different techniques to prep early spring beds, manage early spring crops for harvests starting in May and early June, and maintain seedlings for May planting out.
For the first portion of our day, we will begin in the greenhouse where we will discuss cold hardy crops for spring gardens as well as tools and equipment for this time of the season. After that, we will be touring a portion of the garden to view and discuss demonstration beds already prepped and planted. We will then do a little hands on learning by prepping and seeding a bed as a group.
During the second part of the day we will take some time to pot up seedlings, discuss seedling maintenance, and successful hardening off techniques.
By the end of this months workshop attendees should have:

The confidence to use the tools you have learned to start your early spring gardens.

A better understanding of season extension and how to take advantage of the true length of our season in this region.

Options for troubleshooting seedling issues and hardening off plants.

This months 3 hour workshop will focus primarily on spring bed prep, seedling care and maintenance, and the early spring garden.

Please remember to bring:
* This workshop takes place in both our greenhouse (up to 30C) and out in the gardens (seasonal 12C). There can be a big difference in temperatures, so come prepared!

Weather appropriate clothing
Proper footwear for the garden and greenhouses
Notebook and pen
Gloves (We will be getting our hands dirty!)
Accepted Payments
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