Garden Design, Crop Planning, and More

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Sunday, February 2nd 12 - 3pm

Topics Covered

Garden plan
Crop planning
Starting seeds indoors

Workshop Description

In this months workshop we will focus on garden design and crop planning. Participants are asked to bring pictures and/or drawings of their current/future growing space. We will begin the day with an overview of crop rotation, site assessment, and infrastructure needs.
After discussing various aspects of creating a garden space we will dive into our planning portion. This second hour will see participants break off and work on their particular growing space. Each person will have the opportunity to work with Hanna one on one to focus in on what kind of a garden they want and how to make it happen.
To finish the day off we will learn about planting schedules, successive planting, and direct seeding versus starting seeds indoors. We will also briefly discuss the starting seeds indoors, suitable species, and how we can begin to incorporate this into the garden, even at the early stages of March.

By the end of this months workshop attendees should have:

The confidence to use the tools you have learned to create your own growing space with a 3 year crop rotation.

A better understanding of how build and maintain your growing space.

The beginnings of learning to start your own seeds indoors.

This months 3 hour workshop will focus primarily on designing your garden space and crop plan for a 3 year rotation.

Please remember to bring:
* This workshop takes place in our greenhouse; it can get pretty bright and hot in there.

Weather appropriate clothing - I highly suggest both a t-shirt and a sweater
Proper footwear greenhouse
Notebook and pen
Pictures, drawings, and details of your space/property.
A wish list of your garden crops.
Accepted Payments
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